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  • Top Publications Ranking First For Your Name
  • Build Trust With Anyone, Instantly
  • Stand Out From Rivals 
  • Be The First & Only Choice



  • Be Seen By Millions 
  • Build A Loyal Audience
  • Attract Potential Clients 
  • Reach New Audiences With Precision


Control Your Narrative

  • Shape Your Public Perception
  • Nurture Your Audience With Compelling Viewpoints & Your Story
  • Solidify Your Market Positioning

How Does Spitz Solutions Get You Featured In High Level Media?

Step 1

Craft Your Positioning

A Spitz Solutions publicist will interview you and determine the optimal storylines + brand strategy to position you as an industry leader and create pitches that journalists want to feature.

Step 2

Review Articles & Pitches

Spitz Solutions will put together the optimal pitches and drafts for you to review. These are based off of your cusotm package and occur within three business days after your interview.

Step 3

Leverage Your Press

Once your features are live, we help create a flywheel effect with your media coverage by integrating it into your marketing, branding and positioning strategies.

Hear What Spitz Solutions Clients Have To Say

Colby Flood

“They picked the perfect outlets for our ecom firm, have fantastic communication and lightning fast turnaround times.”


“We use this coverage all the time across our sales cycle, our marketing and on our socials to build our brand.”

Jeremy Schaller

“I’ve used PR firms when I grew companies to the INC 5000 fastest growing list and Spitz Solutios  blows them out of the water.”

Nikolas Swink

“The quickest turn around time I’ve ever seen from an Online Media firm”

Connor Weinhact

“They got us placed on huge outlets and people have bought solely because of the articles.

Results You Can Expect

 When you’re able to say that you’ve been on national TV, or featured in Forbes or regularly on podcasts, your target audience is more likely to see you as more credible and as a thought leader in your industry. After all who are you more likely to buy from, the person who you can’t find online with 0 posts, results and credibility, or the brand that’s putting themselves out there, has amazing results and is sharing their expertise in credible third party sources?

The difference between those that go viral and those that don’t is what they’re saying. By asking the right question and doing the research we ensure that when you’re featured, you’re able to have your target audience feeling like you know their exact problems and that they can relate to you in an instant.

After we interview you, we’ll be able to determine a unique and memorable position for you and your company in the eyes of the public. From there we get that messaging out there in powerful third party publications so we can build an active mental assocation to achieve a positive perception on you and your company in just months with a Online Media campaign vs decades without one.

After you get featured and you search yourself on Google, the first few pages of Google are populated with third parties talking about you. Any of your past, current or future customers researching you now associate you with trusted third party sources and the message that you’ve delivered. When people look at the article, they’re able to see that you’re able to solve their pain points or that you’re the right fit.

Online media is the cherry on top, and helps bolster ads, sales teams, SEO, centers of influence. Online Media works best if you have proven systems in place and the rest of these benefits increase the ROI of what you’re doing. When you combine a story that resonates and a proven marketing system you see phenomenal results.

We get our clients placed in publications that receive a high amount of traffic and that are most likely to rank in search engines. As methodologies like ads or direct sales become less and less effective the one thing that will always compound is you and your personal brand.

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