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What Our Clients Have To Say
Colby Flood

“They picked the perfect outlets for our ecom agency, have fantastic communication and lightning fast turnaround times.”

Jeremy Schaller

“I’ve used other PR firms when I grew companies to the INC 5000 fastest growing list and Spitz blows them out of the water.”

David Riggs

“We use this coverage all the time across our sales cycle, our marketing and on our socials to build our brand.”

Neeley John

“It’s exceptionally easy to share this with prospective clients which in turn shortens my sales cycle and increases the trust they have in me.”

Nikolas Swink

“The quickest turn around time I’ve ever seen from a PR firm”

Connor Weinhact

“They got us placed on huge outlets and people have bought solely because of the articles: 

The Most Elite Publications Feature Our Clients
What We Do To Make You Famous
Online Publications

Having a feature in sites like Business Insider & Forbes show up as a top search result for your name & company is the quickest way to boost your social proof and land your ideal clients. 

Live TV Interviews

The ultimate way to show that you’re an authority is to be interviewed on popular shows. We maximize for the highest amount of views to generate you new customers and fans.  


With affluent people being more then twice as likely to listen in to podcasts. Podcasts are a fool-proof to establish yourself as an expert and drive in hot new leads while doing so.

Lead Generation

Everything on the left is nice and all but an inefficient lead generation process can bring the results crashing down. We use our 3 step process to put booked leads onto your calendar every day.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does being featured in the media help me?

There’s a few ways that media coverage helps, for our clients it’s improved SEO rankings, boosted conversion rates, increased inbound traffic and instilled trust in non-referral leads. Our clients have told us being featured has acted as an amplifier of their current marketing.

Do I need to have an exciting background?

Not necessarily. While it does help, our most successful angles are when our clients give expert advice on issues affecting their target market.

Do you lock us into a long-term contract?

No. Your first campaign is pay-per-feature. After that if you wish to repeat working with us, we can install monthly or quarterly plans that allow for cancellation whenever you want, for whatever reason.

Do you guarantee placement?

Yes, if we’re unable to get you placement in 30 days or less we give you a full refund.

What does PR cost me?

That depends, we create custom plans that incorporate your goals, needs and budget, book a call so we can decide if we can help and if so how.

How do you measure a successful PR campaign?

There’s a couple ways we measure success. Our primary method of success being an increase in the % of meetings booked with you. We also optimize for an increase in inbound organic traffic, branded searches, leads generated and a decrease in bounce rate. Of course all of this depends on how in depth you tracked your internal metrics pre-launch.

Why should I get featured in popular publications instead of local ones?

Given that your target audience are more likely to read popular publications, know them by name and associate them and the people in them as prestigious it would be crazy to not feature you in them.


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